Hi, I’m Susie! 

I'm a tiny bundle of energy except when I'm napping. (Fun fact: I'm 148cm tall which means I'm legally a midget!)

I love meeting new people but you’re also likely to find me in the corner patting the dog if I’m at a party. I absolutely love cooking, especially for my loved ones and friends using free-range, organic ingredients but at the same time I’ve felt the call of the sneaky Maccas run.

It sounds a little crazy but the love of my life is my rescue dog Ginnifer. (Sorry, boyfriend!) I picked her up from a shelter in 2010 and we’ve been inseparable ever since. She's completely nutso, but she’s my numero uno adventure and nap buddy.

Bad movies are my guilty pleasure (last V-day was spent watching Top Gun) as well as having morbid fascination with true crime, in particular murrrrderrrssss. 

When I'm not rotting away my brain in front of a screen, I love to foster rescue dogs for Safe Haven Animal Rescue as well as help out with their adoption photography.  Poor old Ginny would definitely prefer to be the only dog in my life but it's an amazing way to get more dogs in my life without feeling like I belong on Animal Hoarders. 

I absolutely believe that everyone has a secret superpower – mine is finding specific groceries at the supermarket, what’s yours?

Phew! If you made it this far - Thank you! As a reward, here are some obligatory photos of the cuties I've fostered :) 

nice things people have said

We actually couldn’t imagine our day without Susie there! She was so much like a friend to us by the time our wedding day rolled around.

Susie and her calm and friendly nature helped us to relax and enjoy ourselves during our wedding portraits and for that we can’t thank you enough!
— Hannah + Chris
We had a mad time at our wedding and you have captured every part of our day highlighting the essence of who we are!

We are forever grateful that we found such talented and just totally rad people.
— Claire + Justin (and Arya)
Thank you so much for making our wedding day yesterday so special! Not only wedding photographers but also lapel fixers, groomsmen tamers and lolly givers! Thank you thank you thank you!
— Jordan + Thomas