one moment | Jana, Terry and Tripp


Weddings are made up of these moments - sometimes as the bride and groom, you get to experience them and sometimes you miss them. 

Either way, all of these moments add up to the story of your wedding day. It won't be a giant image dump of photos. Just one photo or a few photos in a series and a cracker of a story. 

Jana, Terry and Tripp

We'd finished the family portraits and were just getting stuck into the bridal party photos, when we realised we'd forgotten the littlest member of the entourage, Mr Tripp! 

He was feeling a bit shy with all the attention, so Terry came to the rescue with his Super Dad powers and in the end we got that photo that looks so simple but makes me smile whenever I see it. 

 Pocket Farm wedding
 Numinbah Valley wedding